Our Story

Hard to believe how fast the years can fly by! 10 years ago Florenda was sewing custom made bras out of her home. She discovered that most of her clients didn't need custom made bras; what they needed was a place that had good product and could educate women on how a bra should fit them. Those were the seeds that grew into Esteem Lingerie.

Florenda (Pickett) then teamed up with her daughter Angela (O'Brien) to build their store in the Westbank Towne Centre Mall, Esteem Lingerie.

"We built the store not only to help women find great lingerie that fits them as individuals, but also to help women to build a healthy body image and love the body that they have."  In doing this they have separated themselves as being specialists in bra fitting and solution providers for women struggling to find "underwear" that fits, flatters and is comfortable.

Angela & Florenda's commitment to excellence has continued by becoming one of two shops in BC to have all staff Certified as Professional Bra Fitters. 



Angela's and Florenda's philosophy in everything is: buy the best quality you can afford and take care of it. In a world where it can be difficult to find quality in anything, we search for it and stand behind our products and our fittings. We would prefer women purchase fewer items but love them, wear them and wear them out rather than tuck them in the back of a drawer for a special occasion. Every day is good bra day in our world!

As our store has grown so has our family (Angela has had 2 little girls). But even as our store grows we will work to be grounded in our values to provide a supportive, respectful environment where our clients receive quality, professional service for their personal apparel needs. We will work to ensure that every interaction is entrenched with confidentiality, honesty and integrity. We hope to educate and empower our customers to be better consumers and to develop a healthy body image.

We look forward to seeing you in the store.

Take Care and Keep Smilin',
Angela and Florenda

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