Hi Florenda,

You are so generous. You have totally blessed the women living in our Sanctuary as well as women of the Downtown Eastside who cannot afford to make undergarments a priority given their very limited funds. Talk about Esteem! These women can hold themselves (pun intended) just a little taller knowing that they have new undergarments that fit and are becoming. Many of our guests have only ever shopped at the discount stores so they are absolutely delighted that they too are deserving of a quality product. You will most likely never fully know how much this means to the girls. In order to preserve personal dignity, I will not have any pictures to forward. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. 

I am sorry that I missed you in the store when i was in town; your staff were very kind and helpful. 



 I have had an ongoing relationship with this Amazing Duo, a very knowledgeable and friendly Mother/Daughter Professional Team !! After being measured correctly, and very discreetly, a few bras were brought in for me to try out. What I found particularly interesting - was there were two baskets - one for things that you liked and were fitting you perfectly - and one for discarding your 'dislikes'. What a pleasure to shop this way, for something that to me is an unpleasant chore usually!
This time I had come in for another good reason! I had been subjected to strong 'pinches' to one of my breasts, and had been advised by my Doctor to make sure I was wearing a good support! Thank God, I took his advice and what a difference it has made to my life !!
I cannot recommend this store, and his lovely ladies enough, Thank you for making this large and older person comfortable in more ways than one !!

Linda H

This store has changed my life!!!! The Mother daughter team who fit you for bra's are so warm,kind, and are a wealth of knowledge. I bought my first bra from them 6 months ago...The customer service is amazing!! I was back today to buy two more!!! Before this store I had two choices of bra's...now I can have any color of bra..lace ..no lace....I bought a beautiful bra today that is red and doesn't show through a white t-shirt - SOO AMAZING!! I don't think I have ever had such beautiful well fitting Bra's in my life! If you need a bra you NEED to go to this store. The first bra I have purchased has improved my posture, I have way less upper body fatigue! Every women should go to this store! I know when my daughter needs a bra this is where I will be taking her:)

- Kendra

Hi Angela and Florenda~

A BIG thank you to the both of you from Cancer de Mama and the many grateful Mexican ladies for you support.

This past week, I had the opportunity to serve in a community project, the Cancer de Mama Clinica (Breast Cancer Clinic), which was held in the town of La Penita which affected me both emotionally and spiritually. Over 300 women were fitted and provided with prosthesis in three days. Women came from as far away as Guadalajara, a four hour plus trip. Breast prosthesis are almost non-existent in Mexico. The prosthesis were hand knit by volunteers. They provide a very natural look, being lighter, comfortable and more durable for this climate. There were more than a hundred volunteers serving in different capacities. The female cancer survivors ranged in age from late twenties to early seventies. To see the women's joy, tears and laughter, when they were able to see themselves once again complete, was an experience I will remember for a long time. A local female physician told me, "Mexican women lose big in three with Breast Cancer: they lose their breasts, their hair and some - their husbands." Breast cancer carries a stigma here, especially in the rural areas, with many husbands abandoning their wives.

Mammogram machines are hard to locate here, making preventative care impossible. We take so much for granted in the United States and Canada; we need to be thankful daily for the Health Care we have available. Another young lady handed her fitter a note which said, "God bless the hands that gave me a beautiful life again. Thank you." This shares some of the Mexican ladies thoughts; just think of the lives you have touched and I thank you for that and look forward to your continued support.


Keep in touch,
Dodie Y.



Hello Ladies,

Just wanted to say that I received my beautiful "red" bra this afternoon. Of course I had to put it on right away and show and tell my other half. Thank you so much for all the fabulous service, fitting and care you have taken with me to fit me so well. I won't go anywhere else to get my bras and I hope to see you in may for "other stuff".

Thanks again --just love the bra.
Evelyn P.

Hi Ladies ~

I just wanted to thank you both for the MOST enjoyable bra shopping experience ever!! I not only came home with the BEST bra's but had FUN purchasing them!! You have amazing knowledge and your experience is priceless to your customers.
After leaving your shop, I went to work and immediately changed into the "blue" bra and looked at myself in the mirror about 20 times that afternoon....the minute I got home, I put on my yoga bra and LOVED it!!!!!! Today I've got the "black" (don't know the names yet) one and again, keep looking at my breasts in the mirror (thru the clothes...)

I also wanted to give you the name of the lady who referred me to your store. It's Maria Steelman. Without her suggestion of checking you out, I would not have come...just because I didn't know about you.

THANKS AGAIN, for an enjoyable experience, lifting not only my spirits (as you say) not only drawing my name for the contest, but also FINALLY FINALLY helping me buy the RIGHT bra that actually makes me feel AWESOME!!!

I look forward to the invite for October and will be at your store again soon!! Want to check out the "hormonal lingerie" and bring in my old bra's....

Warm regards,
Carrie S.

Staff of Esteem Lingerie~

I wanted to send a note to express my appreciation for you dedication to serviceI hate trying on bras. Being pregnant I knew I had to take the jump. When Flip suggested I try a D cup I thought she was crazy as normally I am a small B cup, okay A cup! To my amazement the first bra I tried on fit and felt amazing! Flip even made some alterations so I could use them for breastfeeding. It is a pleasure to know that one can receive such amazing service. My sincere thanks and admiration.