Custom Bra Fitting By Certified Professionals



Our mission is to educate all women on the fundamentals of a great bra fit. We debunk the myths and explain the differences in technology and styling of bras as it pertains to you.  Bras are unique in the garment industry. They are highly engineered garments that must fit a woman exactly, regardless of her size. When you get a bra fitting by one of Esteem's bra fitting specialists, we take the time to explain why certain bras fit you, and why certain bras don't. 

Most importantly we start with the basic truth that bras are designed to support our posture and enhance how we feel about ourselves.  We believe that the most important person who sees your lingerie is YOU! We have a wide range of styles and colours to fit all parts of your wardrobe and lifestyle.  Believe it or not bras have a lot more in common with shoes than with clothing!  

Here is the biggest challenge with bra fitting... “There is no standardized sizing in the Garment Industry.” This means that every bra, panty, and article of clothing will fit differently regardless of what size is on the tag. Oprah has screamed it from the rooftops: it is estimated that 80% of women are wearing a bra that doesn’t fit them properly!  As we evolve and our bodies change our underwear needs to change too. The best part is you don’t have to figure all this out on your own...we are here to help.

We all know how uncomfortable an ill-fitting bra can be. You deserve to be comfortable, supported, and happy in the garment that you spend more time in than you do in your bed. Take some time for you and come in for your personal custom bra fitting.  You too will understand why we say “We do more than lift your spirits!”


Education for All Women

No matter our age, this is the stuff we all wish we were taught in school!  It is Angela & Florenda’s passion to educate women on bras, lingerie and anything else to do with underwear and self esteem!

Esteem Lingerie presents bra fitting seminars for any size of group and we are happy to customize the presentation to your group. We would love to be the guest speaker at your next group meeting or better yet, you can have your meeting in our store! Learn the fundamentals of a great bra fit, the myths, and truths of underwires, bra care, and how you too can lift your spirits with the right lingerie!

To book this entertaining and interactive seminar for your next event or to discuss your upcoming private party event, please contact Esteem Lingerie today!