Esteem Lingerie Gift Certificates are always the perfect fit!

 Buying bras & lingerie for someone else can be fraught with danger...unless you have a Wish List.

All you want to do is buy a special gift for a special person. However, with no standardized sizing in garments and the risk of upsetting rather than pleasing,  it's understandable why it can be scary to come into a lingerie shop.

A few tips to keep your gift giving successful:
  1. Esteem Lingerie keeps fitting notes on all of their clients. If you send your lovely lady in for a fitting and have her do a wish list, then when you come in you can be assured that anything you pick off her wish list will be a guaranteed home run gift.
  2. It seems like a good idea to check the sizes in her lingerie drawer.... However, most women hold on to stuff that doesn't fit them and that they don't wear. (We don't understand it either!) Therefore, you are much safer coming into a lingerie store with a description of your lady's height, weight, hair colour, and allow the staff at Esteem Lingerie to present items that would fit and flatter her.
  3. There is no standardized sizing in women's garments! So it is possible for the same lady to wear a medium in one line and an extra-large in another. The lady hasn't changed, the sizing is just out to lunch in our industry.
  4. An Esteem Lingerie gift certificate can be purchased in any denomination and it is always the right size, the right colour, and exactly what she always wanted!

P.S. Did we mention that gift wrapping is free.