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Welcome to the Esteem Experience

At Esteem Lingerie we are Certified Professional Bra Fitters, whose passion is educating every customer on how a bra should fit their unique body! Quality bras and underwear, that are well fitted, will always be the best investment in a woman’s wardrobe and serve as the foundation making clothes fit and look better.  We understand bra fitting can be a little intimidating at first, however, at Esteem Lingerie, we provide a supportive, respectful, and kind environment where our clients receive quality professional service for their personal apparel needs. We are LGBTQ2S+ friendly.  From quality bras to casual loungewear to sexy lingerie, we have something for every style, taste, age, size, and budget.  Most people leave Esteem Lingerie understanding why we say, “We do more than lift your Spirits!”  

Want more information on Bra Fitting... Check out our Complete Bra Fitting Seminar on our Video/Blog page

Product Philosophy

At Esteem Lingerie our standard is quality! We hunt the world for the best bra makers and we stand behind the products we sell.  For a product to reach our shelf, it has to embody high standards in quality, fit, comfort, durability, and beauty.  We chose our companies carefully, examining their ethics in how they do business and how they maintain quality while continuously innovating.  Whenever possible we try to support Canadian designers and manufacturers, giving them preferential status provided they meet our quality and fitting standards. We primarily bring in natural fibres, particularly in our nightwear and loungewear. 

Growing Up my Nana gave me two key pieces of advice that have always proven true:

  • Women need quality in three things, beds, BRAS, and shoes!  That is where we spend all our time and discomfort in beds, bras and shoes can wreck our day.

  • We need to teach women the 3 “B’s” – Budgeting, Boundary Setting and Bra Fitting!


We believe women have to work too hard for their money to waste it on products that don't stand up beyond a couple of washings.  On average, most women who have 2 or 3 good quality bras find their bras last 200 – 600 wearing’s each. (with proper laundry care) Add in a bra or two yearly, and women are never without great fitting bras!  



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