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A 36G living in DD land - Wearing size 10 shoes

Updated: Feb 16

When I was 12, my feet experienced a 5-inch growth spurt over the summer. I started off wearing size 5 shoes and, within a couple of months, my feet had grown to a size 10. Shopping for women's size 10 shoes in the late '80s in a small city was daunting. At that time, I was told women's feet usually didn't get that big, leaving me with very few options. Fast forward a decade, and I encountered a similar situation with bras!

Throughout the '90s, it wasn't just my feet breaking out of the size 4 to 6 mold; there was an increasing selection in larger shoe sizes. Nowadays, most women wouldn't dream of squeezing their feet into shoes three sizes too small. Yet, ironically, a large percentage of women still do this with their bras.

Bras are sold everywhere now, from grocery stores to bait and tackle shops! You typically see a 3 to 4 band range (34, 36, 38, or 40) and a 3 cup range (C, D, or DD). Given the volume of products in these limited sizes, one might assume they fit most women.

HERE'S THE FUNNY PART: The average cup size for most women in North America is DD (also known as an E cup) or an F cup on a given band.

Comparing this to shoe sizes, it's like walking into a store that only sells sizes 4, 5, and 6! Most women I know don't fit into these three sizes, and we certainly don't consider a size 6 shoe to be HUGE! Yet, when it comes to breasts and bras, many women fear having a bra size larger than DD, even though this size is quite average.

By my early 20s, I realized my breasts were overflowing the largest "DD" cups available in standard stores. I soon found myself in a specialty lingerie shop, discovering bras that actually fit me. My average size is a 36G or H, depending on the manufacturer and style. For those shocked by the bra size, most people think I look average and proportioned, both in shoe size and bustline!

This realization inspired my mom and me to become Certified Professional Bra Fitters, helping women find their perfect fit, regardless of size. We also work extensively with post-surgical and post-mastectomy clients, aiding women in finding comfort and the right fit.

Come find us at Esteem Lingerie. We're worth the drive to the Westside, and we'll do more than lift your spirits!

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