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Angela & Florenda

Updated: Feb 16

Florenda Pickett and Angela O'Brien, a mother-daughter team, are dedicated to educating women on the proper fit of bras and lingerie for their unique bodies. Over 15 years ago, Florenda, initially a custom bra maker, realized most clients needed a shop offering quality bras in a broad size range rather than custom solutions. Joining forces with Angela, a corporate trainer, they opened Esteem Lingerie in 2006, aiming to transform women's approach to shopping for underwear by emphasizing education on fit and durability.

Esteem Lingerie's mission extends beyond bra fitting; it's about changing the shopping experience, ensuring women understand how their underwear should complement their unique and beautiful bodies. They curate their collection from the world's finest brands, insisting on high standards of quality, fit, and sustainability. Esteem Lingerie is committed to helping women cultivate a healthy body image, a mission evident in their fittings, educational articles, and the Esteem Lingerie Bra Fitting Seminar, which has reached tens of thousands globally.

All staff at Esteem Lingerie are Certified Professional Bra Fitters and Post Mastectomy Fitters, with the shop being government-approved for post-surgical and post-mastectomy fittings. The team is adept at finding creative solutions for all life stages and health conditions, delivering service with kindness, confidentiality, honesty, and integrity. Esteem Lingerie's goal is to empower and educate their customers, helping them become informed consumers and develop a positive body image, truly living up to their motto:

"We do more than just lift your spirits!"

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