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Why bras bought online rarely lift your spirits

Updated: Feb 16

So, what's my bra size? Keep in mind, this question usually arises after we've spent time trying on several bras from various manufacturers in different styles, narrowing the vast world of bras down to a handful of nearly perfect fits for that woman.

Inevitably, when we examine all those nearly perfect fits, we discover they are all slightly different sizes. Yes, these sizes fall within a narrow range; however, they differ depending on the manufacturer and style.

There is no standardized sizing in the garment industry!

Because of this lack of standardized sizing, I can provide a woman with a size range (based on that moment in time); however, I cannot definitively state her size.

So, where does the bra size question lead? Often, it's to the online world of shopping. The idea is appealing: you can browse products from the comfort of your home, and the products always seem perfect at an ultra-low price... until they arrive.

Don't get me wrong, some products ordered online meet expectations. But when it comes to buying bras online, it's more akin to buying a lottery ticket; occasionally you win, but most times you don't.

Even if you've been fitted by a professional, your size range generally only applies to the manufacturer you were fitted with, and not every bra they make will fit the same.

Trying a different manufacturer? The specs can be completely different, even though they use the same letters and numbers. Different styles will fit differently, and sometimes we even see a fit difference based on color!

You might find the same bra, same size, same fabric, but darker colored bras tend to feel a bit tighter initially than their lighter-colored counterparts.

Here's another caveat: most companies tweak their fits, if not every season, then every few seasons. This is why sometimes your favorite bra, which has worked for years, suddenly doesn't fit as well, even if you haven't changed.

Considering our bodies are always changing and evolving, your bra is supposed to fit like a second skin, moving and flexing with you. Just because you were one size when you bought a bra doesn't mean you'll be the same size when you need a replacement.

For many women, bra shopping may not be their favorite activity. However, visiting a lingerie boutique and working with professional fitters is generally less time-consuming, and most women usually leave the store with what they wanted. Not to mention, you get to see the true colors, feel the fabrics, and assess the quality of the bras, allowing you to make a better buying decision instead of potentially wasting your hard-earned money and precious time.

We are fortunate here in the Okanagan to have several boutiques specialized in bra fitting, all eager to help you find what you need. These boutiques are independent businesses owned by locals who contribute to the Okanagan's vibrancy. Shopping local is key to a vibrant local economy. Take some time to explore your local lingerie boutiques, and I'm positive you'll find one that does more than just lift your spirits!

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